The Process

No one comes to a healer without a reason. Our lives are complicated and messy and filled with impossible transitions. Though it might not feel this way now, you are not those things.

You are creative and loving and filled with the capacity for joy. Our work will help you travel from the density of pain, isolation, and relentlessness into the vastness of you that can’t be named.

Soon, you will feel the flow of your energy bursting through the inner dams that are keeping you blocked, tired, and small.

The way energy therapy works

The Bigger How

I sense the rhythms and vibrations of fluid and light. I feel deep brain space, the oscillation of organs, the way in which the cosmos folds and unfolds until a human life is born. I feel the perturbations of wellness and illness and all the tethers that exist between them. I sit with the mystery so that you can, too.

What to expect in our time together

In energy sessions, I like to start the work lying on the table and asking questions as our fields settle. What we talk about, if we talk, is entirely related to what is coming up for you in that moment.

In yoga sessions, we will spend considerable time looking at the rhythms of your life, what you need from yoga, and how to support the discipline of a daily home practice.

In combined sessions (2 hours), we take our time and do both.

For questions about your upcoming session, visit Frequently Asked Questions.

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Energy Therapy | Yoga

We will dedicate our time together to re-balance how you experience life's challenges and clear the space for the next chapter to unfold.

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Booking & Fees

You may schedule online through MINDBODY®, or you may reach out to me directly at Once we set a date and time, I will be working with your situation until we meet.

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