You are the Cure

As a healer it is my greatest wish that everyone who wants to live fully has the opportunity to do so. When you enter my practice, I am utterly invested in whether or not you achieve the relief you long for. Like any empath, I care deeply and wish for you to have everything you want out of life.

But the truth is that if any of us were able to magically erase another's suffering, we would do it in a millisecond and without hesitation. The reality is that nobody controls another person's survival. Each of us have an unknown time frame, contribution, and trajectory on this planet. To think that I alone have the alchemy to change that is a kind of arrogance that causes its own karmic harm. It gives humans already fighting for their life or their quality of life the sense that they have even less power than they already do.

I have been blessed to experience miracles, and I have also been promised miracles that did not come true. I am very clear with everyone who graces my presence that my role is not curative. My purpose is to restore as much wholeness, health, dignity, connection, and awareness as possible so that there is a return to a sense of self that is never compromised, always healed, eternally light and full of love.

These are not small things. They pave the way toward healing, and they elevate us so that no matter what suffering might arise, there is a safe space to be whole, to be seen, and to be beheld.

In the end, it is you who are the cure. Your beauty. Your courage. Your tender human heart. You are all you ever need. And I am grateful to be in a position to help support that unfolding.