Who Goes to a Healer and Should I Be One of Them?

Aside from the fun factor, there are several legitimate reasons to see a healer. Let’s look at what a healer is and why it can be worth taking the time to find one.

Healers have direct experience with healing

Healers are not usually people who set out in life to be healers. It’s not a career path people wake up and decide to do: it’s generally something that evolves over time. A person is called through challenges of their own, or their natural talents start to surface in whatever their career of origin happens to be.

Every healer has a different signature or imprint, a different layer of the human experience that they intuitively know how to unlock. Healing energy can happen anywhere, at work, at the yoga studio, at the gym, on a walk with a friend. The difference is that in a professional healing session, the intention is explicitly to offer that healing energy in a concentrated dose strong enough to re-light the pilot light of one's own intuition.

Healers understand transitions

When we’re feeling stuck in our lives most of the time we’re in a crisis or a transition. Crises are acute and can look like a loved one getting in an accident, or a major diagnosis where we are suddenly catapulted into a new reality. Healers can be very usefully in this situation to ground us, to get us out of shock and back into our body, and to provide a safe space to offload a huge amount of overwhelm before we take action.

Transitions can feel different in that they may occur over longer periods and involve more aspects of the complex web of our lives. We may be in a career that no longer suits us, we may have physical challenges that are hindering our creative pursuits, we may be in middle life and enduring intense amounts of pressure from all sides, we may be in any phase of women’s health, we may be grieving a long term relationship, and we may be in severe pain, mental, emotional or physical that just won’t relent.

Healers can help us put the situation in a new context. the story softens and suddenly there is room to move. Healers can help create space internally so that physical suffering can have more room to process out. Our immune system can boost and function more optimally. And we can find ourselves feeling mentally and spiritually more resilient and generally in a lot less pain.

Healers can guide us on the spiritual path

Sometimes things happen that are outside the frame of our daily experience like visions, intuitive understandings, psychic abilities, or meditative experiences. These phenomena can be difficult to process and can be greatly supported by healers. The spiritual journey, whether formally through an established religion or informally through personal awakening have a long history that can be understood and integrated so that they might become a part of the rich tapestry of life, instead of a frightening anomaly or an unmet aspiration.

Healers are committed

If you find yourself in any of these situations, I urge you not to go it alone. Having a connection with me or someone like me who has devoted her life to smoothing troubled waters can be a refreshing, uplifting, life affirming dose of help, that frankly, we all need in our toughest times.

If you resonate with any of this please feel free to reach out to me. There is more than help here. There is light and laughter, and legitimate expertise.

BigLOVE to you,