Pandemic Procrastination

Pandemic procrastination is an emotional response to our yearlong lock down. We know that our day-to-day priorities have significantly changed and also feel great concern for the future. This can cause a spinning-our-wheels feeling that leaves us both highly anxious and extremely stuck.

Pandemic procrastination is a way for the body to tell the mind that our subconscious needs are changing or going unmet. This sets up pressure to try and address our ongoing priorities and unmet needs all at the same time. By simultaneously attempting to calm internal pressures and meet external benchmarks, we put the brakes on forward motion.

To reduce the friction, we must become aware of our needs, add them to our daily to-do list, and forgive ourselves for what tasks will be displaced. Only then can we start to settle our conflicting feelings and begin to see our way forward.

Here is my daily emotional to-do list:

  • I use my yoga practice to observe and support my mental states. (Benefit: steady mental states, Sacrifice: daily fitness)
  • On an hourly basis, I make sure that I’m taking at least one full conscious breath. (Benefit: presence, Sacrifice: numb drive)
  • I use the telephone for social calls to set a boundary between my working and social life. (Benefit: healthy eyes, walk and talks, Sacrifice: pleasing friends who *need* to see me)
  • I now perform to the limits of my energy rather than the limits of the tasks. I prioritize what I can do over what must be done. (Benefit: reduced burnout, Sacrifice: accomplishment)

None of these shifts were easy for me, but I already feel a sense of relief and renewal. A body in motion stays in motion so I know that I will pick up momentum in time for viral loads to lower and the temperature to warm.

*If you need support making your subconscious needs known,  I am here for you. Together we can help you unblock and reduce pandemic procrastination.