Moms (with jobs outside the home)--I See You

Moms, you face innumerable losses, changes, and challenges right now. Sometimes you are drowning in the epic and other times swallowed by the mundane. There will always be a ball dropping as surely as one is being picked up.

These challenges are not the difference between a jog and an Ironman. They are reflective of the clash between human nature and Mother Nature. Our world is requiring a paradigm shift that each of you are articulating in the kinds of inequities you experience every day. You understand that sharing resources, honoring limits, creating systemic support for the benefit of life itself are not examples of quaint altruism. They are the imperative course correct that our planet requires. Your pain is a fractal of the global pain that the world is calling us to change.

Since covid it is as if the gravitational pull has somehow increased 10 fold. What it now takes to bear up under that pressure is unfathomable and yet you do it every day. Your steady determination to elevate the lives of your children is the hallmark of maternal love. And when you feel like you are performing at a lower level that is an illusion. That is you preserving a part of yourself that has fallen so that you may rise up again tomorrow. This is not failure. This is WISDOM. You are taking the best and most right action for all involved. And that ALL includes YOU. When you honor yourself as part of the family unit, you are showing reverence for life and that is another of your many important transmissions to your children during the pandemic.

Your professional lives are in a state of so much complexity. The rage of being taken for granted is something that I personally struggle with. Motherhood is part of your joy but the fulfillment of your talents is EQUALLY important and I feel enraged that you still have to make huge sacrifices of self and wealth because of systemic injustice. I grieve with you for your professional losses and I support the complex cocktail of guilt that those who are excelling may now experience.

Surviving is thriving without the Glamour. That means that everything that you do to keep striving MATTERS GREATLY. In a culture with a constant growth mindset, we don’t know how to prune, put to bed, and germinate until we can reawaken. You do, and I am holding you as we meet these challenging times.