Is Healership Helpful if I’m on Antidepressants?

I want to take a moment to speak to anyone struggling with anxiety and depression and who is using medication to manage it.

I RESPECT you wholeheartedly.

I firmly believe that we need support to work with difficult mental states and seeing a great psychiatrist and therapist are part of the way we can care for ourselves on that journey.

If you’ve struggled with mental health issues, then you know how debilitating the situation can be. Taking medication is sometimes an important part of restoring your capacity to participate in life.

What working with a healer can do is support that process by uncovering energetic feedback loops that keep triggering patterns of anxiety and depression in the nervous system. Consider anxiety and depression like very strong physical memories that keep replaying when recalled.

Energy therapy can help to settle those body memories and allow for gut level emotions to be processed through the psycho-emotional system instead of physical channels. Once the body starts to understand its options there can be dramatic shifts in the severity of situations like panic attacks and the length of depressive episodes. Slowly, there can be space and centering.

Additionally yoga can be a helpful practice to connect the dots between inner and outer states. It can become an integrated part of tending to yourself to stay ahead of conditions that derail you. Then you get to make the choice about how you want to meet a more settled version of yourself.

Sometimes that includes medicine, sometimes not, but that question becomes less relevant as you begin to thrive.