How to Shift Pandemic Inertia

It may be premature to say this, even a bit outrageous: we are headed toward recovery though it doesn't yet feel like it**.** So far, 2021 is a series of maybes and misses that requires an unprecedented amount of flexibility and determination to navigate.

We won’t all be vaccinated on time but some of us will. We won’t have solved our justice issues, but we will hear more voices. We won’t be able to filter, but some of us will speak our truth. What's clear is that we’re going to have to start moving forward well before there’s somewhere to go.

So how do we do that? Here is my list-haters list to help combat inertia.

Accept discomfort.
We can’t measure our successes by how we feel--how we feel will often be conflicted, struggling, or unsure. We need to measure the value of our actions by how much meaning they bring to us and how much they empower others.

Rebuild or help others rebuild (with special love to black and brown people).
Whether we experienced losses or gains, we can all help each other. If you know you have a skill that someone else needs, an extra bit of shoulder to lean on, connections or encouragement or cash that could significantly improve someone else’s situation, this is the moment to offer. A little nudge can go a long way to helping someone get back on their feet and feel included.

Barter carefully. 
If you have a skill to offer and others you need to learn, this is a moment to have conversations with those who might become future collaborators. If you do decide to engage in an exchange, set the parameters from the outset so that everyone’s offering is respected.

Seek support. 
While it can be very tempting to spend money on momentary gratification, it’s very clear that what we’re facing is not a quick process. Real support and real change take commitment. A regular meeting (no matter what the frequency) with a trusted member of your support team can make all the difference.

Trust that covid will end. 
It seems hard to imagine, especially as time wears on, but we can tap our creativity to envision the bigger picture. How can our sense of ourselves, our work and our world change when we emerge from this experience? How can we be there for each other with freshness, humility and compassion? When there is trust, great questions emerge. Don’t be afraid to seek the answers.